The Public Infrastructure Department is mainly responsible for the following services:

  • Construction and maintenance of non-classified roads
  • Construction and maintenance of drain along non-classified roads
  • Fixing and maintenance of street lighting and traffic signs
  • Cleaning and upkeeping of green spaces, gardens and playgrounds
  • Maintenance of municipal buildings, markets, cemeteries, traffic centres
  • Design, supervision and management of building and civil engineering projects undertaken by in-house labour or Contractors
  • Fixing of decorations for social, sports and religious activities
  • Maintenance of municipal vehicles

The overall administration and management and discipline of staff of the department rest on the Head Works Department. He is assisted by the Civil Engineer and the Chief Works Inspector with the help of the Senior Works Inspector, 4 Inspectors and 3 Assistant Inspectors.

The Head Public Infrastructure Department also advises the Council on engineering matters and the implementation and application of the Road Act, the Building Act and the Local Government Act.

The Public Infrastructure Department consists of the following sections :

  1. The Road Section
2. The Parks and Garden section
3. The Drain Section
4. The Lighting Section
5. The Garage Section
6. The Building Maintenance Section
7. Survey Section


Procurement Plan 2013 (Indicative)
Roads, Drains and Street Lighting
Traffic Signs and Road Markings
Building Maintenance
Green Spaces
Municipal Garage
Ongoing Projects
List of Places for Advertisement
Forthcoming Projects



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