Building Maintenance

The Building Maintenance Section is responsible for the regular maintenance of all Municipal Buildings and includes plumbing, joinery, metal, masonry and painting works.

The following municipal infrastructure is regularly maintained by in-house labour:

1. Town Hall Building
2. Reception Hall Building.
3. New Market and Fair.
4. Vacoas Traffic Centres.
5. Hermitage and Henrietta Traffic Centres
6. Careau Laliane Multipurpose Complex.
7. Solferino Multipurpose Complex and Gymnasium.
8. Solferino Kindergarten.
9. Paillotte Multipurpose Complex.
10. Quinze Cantons Multipurpose Complex.
11. Hollyrood Multipurpose Complex.
12. Reunion Multipurpose Complex.
13. Grannum Multipurpose Complex.
14. Highlands Multipurpose Complex.
15. Camp Fouquereaux Multipurpose Complex.
16. Belle Terre Multipurpose Complex.
17. Palmerston Sports Complex.
18. Palmerston Multipurpose Complex.
19. Palmerston Kindergarten
20. Clairfond Multipurpose Complex.
21. Edgar Quirin Social Hall.
22. Henrietta Gymnasium.
23. Cite 50 Children's Playground.
24. St Paul Football Ground.
25. 15 Cantons Football Ground
26. Solferino Football Ground
27. Medco Football Ground
28. La Marie Football Ground
29. St Paul Football Ground
30. Camp Fouquereaux Football Ground
31. Closel Football Ground
32. Reunion Football Ground
33. Belle Terre Football Ground
34. La Caverne Football Ground
35. Bus Shelters within the townships
36. Phoenix Cemetery
37. Henrietta Cemetery
38. Cremation grounds
39 Belle Terre Multipurpose Complex
40 St Paul Taxi Stand
41 Independence St. Taxi Stand
42 La Caverne Taxi Stand
43 Camp Fouquereaux Taxi Stand
44 Phoenix Taxi Stand
45 Camp Fouquereaux Social Hall
46 Glen Park Sub Library
47 Ganachaud Social Hall
48 La Caverne Multipurpose Complex
49 Petit Camp Multipurpose Complex
50 La Marie Cloakroom
51 Pailotte Sport Complex
52 Cinq Arpents Gymnasium
53 New Commercial Building, Independence Avenue, Vacuous
54 Henrietta Cloakroom and football ground
55 Glen Park Municipal Multipurpose Complex


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