The voided Pall, the Y shaped figure, recalls the two rivers and their confluence and separation. The three roundels recall the fruit and vegetable marketing activities of the Town. The two green ones also serve to recall the two golf courses nearby.
The Caduceus, the winged staff entwined by two snakes is, of course, a well known symbol for signalling establishments and in this instance alludes to the signalling base at Vacoas-Phoenix. The Phoenix at the top between the two bags of sugar is self-explanatory.


The Mural Crown is indicative of the status as a Municipality. This heraldic charge, as far as Corporate Bodies are concerned, is nowadays reserved for Towns and Cities etc.
The two Palm trees conjoined are those of the Vacoas and Phoenix variety


Which in this sketch only has the colours indicated follows the normal heraldic practice whereby it is tinctured of the principal metal (gold) and the principal colour (blue) of the shield.


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