Application for Permits

Applicants for Building and Land Use Permit are requested to fill in the appropriate forms and to call at the Municipality with their Identity Card and all relevant information. The application must be accompanied with all documents as specified on the forms before consideration can be given to same. Any query on an application may be made by the applicant at the Application Section of the Planning Department.

Applicants can also apply online through the link

There are 5 types of forms:

- Form BLP1 - Residential Development not exceeding G + 3 levels,

- Form BLP2– Excision of 1 lot/ subdivision of land among heirs

- Form BLP3- Economic Activities/Small Enterprise, Residential Development above G + 3 levels, Telecommunication structures/facilities, Places of public worship

- Form OPP - Application for Outline Planning Permission

- Request Form for Exempt Development: Exempt Development

Refer to Download Section for Forms.






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