Cemeteries and Crematoria

The Council manages a cemetery at Phoenix,  Henrietta and at Trois Mamelles. Specific areas have been provided at the cemetery for burial grounds for the Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Chinese and Bahaï communities.
Besides the traditional wood pyre, the Council has also one gas cremator at Phoenix Cemetery. Another gas cremator is in operation at Trois Mamelles Cemetery.

The following fees are claimed


(1) Burial at and Trois Mamelles- Rs 500/
(2) Burial at Phoenix Cemetery - Rs 500/
(3) Cremation fees at Phoenix Cemetery and Trois Mamelles Cemetery are -

  (a) with coffin Rs 3,500/
(b) without coffin Rs 2,500/


Late Burial at Phoenix Cemetery

Late Burial at Phoenix Cemetery, Henrietta Cemetery and Trois Mamelles Cemetery. However any person willing to effect burials after 6 p.m. shall be required to inform Council (through the Health Inspector in charge of the Cemetery) before 6 p.m. of the same day (Ph No. 696 5269).

Procedure for effecting burial at Phoenix Crematorium and Trois Mamelles Crematorium.

Authorisation, to effect a burial in a grave, shall be given by the owner of that grave. In case the owner of a grave is deceased, the immediate heir of the owner of the grave may give authorisation to effect a burial in that grave. In case of multiple heirs, one of the heirs may give authorisation to open the grave, subject to non-objection by all other heirs. ( All relevant documents, including any affidavit, as required, must be provided to the satisfaction of the Municipal Inspector)

Any person falling in the above category must proceed to the Phoenix Cemetery Office for formalities.

Documents needed:

Any relevant document related to the above.
I.D card of the applicant
I.D card of a witness
Burial Permit from Civil Status Office.

Procedure for effecting cremation at Phoenix Cemetery Crematorium

Applicant must proceed to the Sanitary Authority ( Ministry of Health & Quality of Life ) to obtain a cremation permit
Applicant, accompanied by a witness must then proceed to the office of the Phoenix Cemetery.

Documents needed:

I.D. card of applicant
I.D card of a witness
Cremation Permit from Sanitary Authority.


After all criteria for the opening of a grave, or for a cremation, are satisfied, a voucher for payment will be issued to the applicant ( during week days). The latter must proceed to the cashier at the Town Hall for payment, and the receipt must be produced to the inspector before burial, or cremation, can be effected. In weekends and public holidays, payment will be accepted at the office of Phoenix Cemetery and,  a provisional receipt will be issued to the applicant.


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