Semi finals and final of debate contest for LVI students

Final debate contest


Miss Bibi Nazirah Moolkeea, best speaker from Aleemiah college during her performance

Mr. Pranay Jeetun, from Phoenix SSS during his performance

Supporters from different colleges along with Educators

The two teams during the Contest

The Winning Team (Aleemiah College ) and the Runner-up (Phoeniix SSS )with members of the Jury_700x464

Semi final debate contest


His worship, the Mayor Mr. Veejandra Dayal addresses the audience

Mr.N.Bodhee, from Aleemiah College during his performance

Participants from Phoenix SSS, MGSS Solferino, Aleemiah College and jury members

Supporters of of the teams

Teams from Aleemiah College and MGSS (Solferino) during semi- final round of debate contest



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