Do's & Don'ts

A. Local Rate

1. Come to collect a copy of Claim for local rate if not received by 15 January of each Financial year

2. Settle your local rate account before selling or transferring any immovable property

3. Bring a copy of title deed or contact the Valuation Department whenever there is a change of Ownership/building pulled down

4. Pay municipal dues promptly to avoid surcharge, interesr, queues, and prosecution


1. Ignore local Rate Claim if you are occupier or Tenant - Inform Owner/Council

2. Forget to insert your name and phone number at the back of your cheque.

B. Advertisement /Publicity

1. Call at the Finance Department for payment of relevant fees and stamping of posters before affixing same.

2. Insert a phone number on the posters.

3. Settle your account on receipt of claim.

4. Present RDA clearance on payment of banners to be affixed on classified roads.

5. For Billboard /fieldboards Contact RDA for approval on classified roads.

6.For Billboard/fieldboard contact the Land Use and Planning Department before errecting a new one


1. Stick posters where not authorized by Council.

2. Affix posters on those already sticked by others.

3. Install a fieldboard / billboard or advertisement of any material in the town before making a formal application to the Council and receiving its approval.

4. Advertise anything offensive to the public or creating any prejudice.




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