Fees Advertising (Publicity fees)

The Local Government Act 2011 under sections 122, 158 and 163 referring to GN 18 of 2015 makes provision for the Council to charge for publicity fees for fixing of posters per copy
(a) size – not more than 1m2   -  Rs10.00

(b) size – more than 1 m2       - Rs100.00

Display of an advertisement on a flag (per flag) (banner)                             - Rs 1,000.00
Display of an advertisement on a vehicle (per vehicle per advertisement)      - Rs 500.00
Display of an advertisement on wooden board, wall, building, tin or any
Other material or under glass –

    • Of not more than 3 m2 (per 0.1 m2)                                               - Rs500.00
    • Of more than 3 m2 (per additional 0.1 m2 or fraction thereof)          -  Rs50.00

Fieldboard and billboards
Individuals/Companies willing to fix an advertising structure (fieldboard/billboard) in the township are requested to apply for a Building and Land Use Permit at the Land Use and Planning Department and to contact the Mauritius Revenue Authority for payment of advertising fees. If such structure is found on classified roads, the applicant will have to seek relevant clearance from the Road Development Authority which is the competent authority.









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