FAQ-Refuse Collection Service

On what day will my refuse bin be emptied?
Your refuse bin will be emptied on the same days every week. You are kindly requested to contact the team leader serving your area or the contact officer hereunder mentioned.
Why has my refuse bin not been emptied to day?
If your refuse bin was not accessible at the time of service, you are requested to call on the contact officer for alternative arrangements.
My bin is missing/damaged-How can I request a new one?
If you have previously been issued with, a bin by Council but is now missing or damaged you can request for a new one at a subsidised cost of Rupees 200.
How can I request a new refuse bin, I have just moved into a newly built property?

If you have moved into a newly built property a new refuse bin will be delivered to you, free of charge. You are required to submit a written request to that effect.

Q I have more than a container load of waste, when will the excess be removed?
A You are requested to put all excess refuse in sacks or bags and will be removed subject to availability of space in the Refuse Collection lorry. Loose refuse will be removed over a number of cycles.
Q What can I do with my garden waste?
A Garden waste can be used for composting. If you have to dispose of garden waste then you can put this in refuse sacks to be collected. Please ensure that these are not too heavy.
Q When can I burn refuse?
A Refuse burning is prohibited.
Q What is the cost for the removal of cleanups?
A This service is provided at a subsidised rate of Rupees 600. Council puts a trailer at your disposal. You are required to call on the Refuse Collection Section for the pre-agreed time and day.
Q What is the cost for the removal of bulky household waste?
A Council charges Rupees 600 for the removal of bulky household waste such as refrigerators, cooker ranges, washing machines, furniture, and others.
Q When will the bulky household waste be removed?
A Bulky household waste is removed on a pre-arranged weekdays.

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