AUA Activities


Mr Vacoas-Phoenix – Body Building Competition in collaboration with New Body Building Federation


Petanque tournament in collaboration with Regional Petanque de Vacoas/Phoenix


Vacoas/Phoenix Road Relay


Vacoas-Phoenix Badminton Tournament


Sport de Masse for 6 Wards


Relais Marron at Ste Suzanne, Reunion Island


Futsal Tournament


Veteran Football Tournament


The Municipal Council of Vacoas-Phoenix owns
15 Football Playgrounds and also maintains 2 Football Playgrounds vested by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources at Phoenix SSS and Holyrood SSS.

A roster for football clubs registered with the Council is established for the use of the different football playgrounds from 16.00hrs to 20.00hrs during weekdays and saturdays. The football grounds are also made available to associations affiliated with the Council free of charge for tournaments. 

These Football Grounds are regularly maintained by council’s in-house labour and are closed during the Winter season for maintenance like upgrading, levelling...

The Council has under its care of responsibility the following football grounds
Belle Terre
La Caverne
St Paul
La Marie 
Allee Brillant
Quinze Cantons
Camp Fouquereaux
Petit Camp
Morc Pousson(Henrietta)
Camp Mapou(Henrietta)

Most of the football grounds are equipped with lighting system and cloakroom.

Petanque/Volleyball Courts
The Municipal Council also owns 17 Petanque Pitches which are found at Henrietta, Camp Mapou, Glen Park, Quinze Cantons, Town Hall, La Caverne, Solferino, Carreau Laliane, Hermitage, Les Plaines de L'Hermittage,  St Paul, Sahidine, Edgar Quirin, Petit Camp, Hollyrood and Highlands' Camp Fouquereaux.

The Municipal Council owns 5 Volleyball pitches at Grannum, La Caverne, Reunion, Solferino and Palmerston and also maintains the Hermitage Volleyball Pitch own by the NDU.


The Council also owns 20 gymnasiums.
     Gymnasium are accessible to residents of Vacoas-Phoenix of 15 years old and above. Students and Senior Citizens are exempted from the membership fee of Rs 200 for 3 months renewable every quarterly.

     All Municipal Gymnasium are equipped with high standard gymnasium equipment and are maintained regularly. There are 5 part-time Gymnasium Instructors employed by the Council who worked on a roster basis in all the 20 gymnasiums.

The Gymnasiums are as follows:

  • Henrietta
  • Glen Park
  • La Caverne
  • Parisot
  • Cinq Arpents
  • Petit  Camp.
  • Hollyrood
  • Solferino
  • Careau Laliane
  • Paillotte
  • Camp Fouquereaux
  • Clairfonds
  • Belle Terre
  • Quinze Cantons
  • Palmerston
  • Highlands
  • Grannum
  • Hermitage
  • St Paul
  • Reunion


Badminton, Basketball, Futsal, Handball and Volleyball Facilities
Badminton, Basketball, Futsal, Handball and Volleyball facilities are also available at the Paillotte and Palmerston Omnisports Complexes against payment of a reasonable fee.   
There are 4 courts available at Palmerston and 7 at Paillotte Omnisports Complexes.
Volleyball/Basketball fees
    Individual Fee for Volleyball/Basketball: Rs 200 per hour
    Corporate Fee for Volleyball/Basketball: Rs 400 per hour



Futsal at Paillotte Sports Complex


1.      Individual Fees for Futsal:  Rs 600 per hour

                Corporate Fees for Futsal:  Rs 1200 per hour

2.      Booking for registered clubs are made through drawing of lots

3.      Futsal available for residents of Vacoas Phoenix On Wednesday & Thursday from  8am to 2pm.

  Representatives of clubs must bring letter signed by the President or the secretary of the registered club

  Priority is given to clubs/ individuals not using the Camp Fouqureaux and Palmerston Glen Park and Promenade Pere Laval  Mini soccer pitch



Badminton at Palmerston & PaillotteOmnisports Complex


Users of Badminton courts are informed that reservation is effected as follows:

1.     For renewal purposes Users are kindly requested to produce their Access cards for badminton at the Welfare Department between 9am to Noon only


2.      Users will have the opportunity to renew the same day and time allocated to them in the previous period without going through the exercises of drawing of lots.


3.     For new applications Copy of I.D cards and utility bills for all players, a passport size for representative together with the application form must be submitted at the welfare Department.

4.      Courts for badminton are reserved for residents of Vacoas/Phoenix only.

5.      Only one court per individual / per week is accepted and an individual is not allowed to play in more than one team except during off-peak hours that is during weekdays from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm. A team must consist of maximum of four players only.

6.      Fee for badminton:

 Individual Fee for badminton:
a)     Rs 150 per hour / per court from 2 pm to 4 pm (off peak hours) during weekdays
b)     Rs 175 per hour / per court from 4 pm to 9 pm (peak hours) during weekdays
c)     Rs 175 per hour / per court on Saturdays & Sundays
  Corporate Fee for Badminton:
a)    Rs 300 per hour / per court from 2 pm to 4 pm (off peak hours) during weekdays

b)    Rs 350 per hour / per court from 4 pm to 9 pm (peak hours) during weekdays

c)    Rs 350 per hour / per court on Saturdays & Sundays

7.      Payment is effected only during weekdays from 9.00 am to Noon

For more information contact the Welfare Department during office hours.


Synthetic Mini-Soccer Pitches

Synthetic Mini-Soccer Pitch
There are 12 Mini-Soccer pitches namely:

1.     Camp Fouquereaux

2.     Glen Park

3.     Carreau Laliane

4.     Promenade Pere Laval

5.     Palmerston

6.     La Marie

7.     Clairfonds

8.     Quinze Cantons

9.     La Caverne

10.  Grannum and

11.  Parisot

12.  Hollyrood


  Booking are made through drawing of lots

  Representatives must bring letter signed by the Secretary or the President of the registered club

  One hour is allocated per club / individual

  The clubs must abide by the rules and regulations for the use of the pitch.


Payable Fees:



Amount (Rs)

Weekdays (Individual fee)


Weekdays (Corporate fee)

4pm to 6 pm

6pm to 9 pm

4pm to 6 pm

6pm to 9 pm

250 per hour

350 per hour

500 per hour

700 per hour

Saturdays & Sundays (Individual fee)


Saturdays & Sundays (Corporate fee)

2pm to 6 pm

6pm to 9 pm


2pm to 6 pm

6pm to 9 pm

250 per hour

350 per hour


500 per hour

700 per hour



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