The Municipal Reception Hall is used by the public for weddings, engagement ceremonies, birthday parties, end of year parties, seminars, other ceremonies and functions.

The Reception Hall was also put at the disposal of Ministries, Associations etc free of charge for specific and justified requests made to the Council and approved at the Council Meeting.


The Maison de Loisir is found at the Ground Floor of the Municipal Reception Hall.

It is put at the disposal of Ministries, Associations etc for meetings and other activities as approved by relevant committees.


    The Municipal Council of Vacoas-Phoenix owns 17 Social Halls namely:

1.     Solferino

2.     Quinze Cantons

3.     Saidine

4.     Carreau Laliane

5.     Grannum

6.     Palmerston

7.     Paillotte

8.     Clairfonds

9.     Edgar Quirin

10.  Parisot

11.  St Paul

12.  Belle Terre

13.  Ganachaud

14.  Henrietta (Pont Vantard)

15.  Highlands

16.  Petit Camp

17.  Glen Park

     The halls are made available to inhabitants of the town free of charge for physical, aerobic, yoga classes, indoor games, organization of talks and different activities and above all as meeting places more particularly for Senior Citizen Associations.
     Out of the 17 Social Halls, 8 of them namely Glen Park, Carreau Laliane, Grannum, 15 Cantons, Palmerston, Highlands, Solferino and Parisot are put at the disposal of the public for holding of functions including weddings, birthday parties, engagement ceremonies etc.



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