The Welfare Committee shall morefully be described as the Public Welfare, Recreation, Education and Cultural Affairs. It controls and manages all Municipal Kindergartens, children playground, football grounds and multipurpose complexes/social halls falling under the jurisdiction of the Council.

It also organises educational, recreational, social and cultural activities in the town.

1. His worship the Mayor (Ex-Officio)
2. The Deputy Mayor
3. Councillor R.Ramsoondur (Chairperson)
4. Councillor D.Ramchurn (Vice-Chairperson)
5. Councillor M.R.G.Y Beeharry
6. Councillor M. E. Diloo
7. Councillor F. Dowlut
8. Councillor R.P Kanaksabee
9. Councillor V. Moocheet
10. Councillor A.Nunkoo
11. Councillor M. Rajaratnam
12. Councillor M. Unjone Nattoo




 QUORUM:  5           


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